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- “Thought Leadership” – 10 Ideas on Being a Thought Leader

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Professional Background


- Seeking senior or startup C-level professional marketing, business development, channel sales development position.


2001-Present – CEO TECHtionary - Senior-level Technology Sales-Marketing-Communications and Business Development Executive with a proven track record for creating and sustaining growth seeking more reliable income and other benefits.

Tom has three decades of experience in startups and consulting advisor with leading providers and venture capital companies in market planning and development, hardware/software design and development, project management, intellectual property in telecommunications, information technology, conferencing, teletraining, telecommuting, groupware, networks, call centers, internet, artificial intelligence and other fields. He has managed the successful development of more than 10 software, hardware and internet products to market and received industry awards for this work. He has authored 13 books including Teleconferencing (TelePresence), Telecommuting, Intelligent Buildings, and Knowledge Engineering – Business Applications for Artificial Intelligence.  He has authored/scripted, produced and directed 15 commercial videos and created more than 3,000 of online e-learning Flash tutorials on telecommunications, internet, routing, wind power, electricity, smart grid, RF-radio frequency SIP-session initiation protocol, ITIL, RFID-radio frequency identification, VoIP-voice over internet protocol, IPT-internet protocol telephony, VoIP security, artificial intelligence, networking, WiFi-wireless fidelity, SCADA, instruction detection, TMDA-time division multiple access, CDMA-code division multiple access and hundreds of other technologies.  He has been the Technology Columnist - Telecommunications Magazine, Technology Columnist - Converged Solution Providers Network, Contributor - Phone+ Magazine, Contributing Editor to Web Hosting Magazine, Security and Emerging Technologies Columnist, Member Board of Technical Advisors - VoIP Security Alliance and Technology Columnist for National Association of Telecommunications Dealers, Federation of Internet Solutions Providers of America, Association of Service and Computer Dealer International.  He is the writer, animator and producer of the World's Largest Animated Knowledge Source on Technology – – recipient of Web Hosting Magazine Editors Choice for Best Technical Help.

Some of the key highlights are:

Speaking, Books and Publications

He has delivered more than 200 speeches worldwide on IT, telecommunications, internet, forecasting, trends and other topics to industry associations, executive retreats and private events.  He has written more than over 300 articles on telecommunications topics including but not limited to teleconferencing, artificial intelligence, telecommunications management, organizational management, intelligent buildings, CENTREX/ISDN, internet security, VoIP, wireless, telecommunications, internet, telecommuting, electronic mail, groupware, and other issues.  He has authored/co-authored Teleconferencing - Linking People Together Electronically (Prentice-Hall), Teleconferencing - State of the Art Report (Pergamon Press), The Softside of Software (John Wiley & Sons) on software documentation, Networking: Electronic Mail Handbook (Scott-Foresman), Intelligent Buildings (Dow Jones), Networking Personal Computers in Organizations (Dow Jones), Telecommuting - The Future Technology of Work (Dow Jones), Knowledge Engineering-Business Applications for Artificial Intelligence (Simon & Shuster), Chief Technology Officer (Cross Market Management), Split Second Society (Cross Communications), Lan$ell-Desktop Guide for the Connectivity Sales Force Automation Professional (written for Novell/Qwest), LANCOM - LAN communications solutions (Cross Communications), Net-Tips (Cross International).  Principal Author and Research for published industry reports on: CENTREX - Strategic View (I and II), Intelligent Buildings and Information Systems (IBIS I and II), and Telecommunications Outlook.

Education and Professional Development

B.S. in Business and M.S. in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado. He has senior-level “hands-on” working knowledge of Flash, HTML, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, Camtasia, Captivate, Dreamweaver, TEDS LMS, Learning Composer, SharePoint, Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, Microsoft Lync & Office Communications Server, PhotoShop, Framemaker, and other programs.  He has taught Global Knowledge five-day courses for SIP-Session Initiation Protocol & Office Communications Server (Microsoft Lync), CompTIA Security+, CCNA, VoIP and Checkpoint Security.  Tom holds CompTIA Certified Security+ Professional, Green IT and IT Technology for Sales certification and Pearson Vue Certified Test Administrator.



- iPhone/iPad App Designer and Producer contact for more details –more than 10 iPhone/iPad approved

- Passed Microsoft Partner Network Sales and Marketing Competency Assessment for Unified Communications

- Thomas B. Cross was nominated for the CSIA Technology Executive of the Year and Technology 2010 Apex Awards

- Researched, Developed and Delivered Social Media for Real Estate Professionals Approved by Colorado Department of Regulatory Authorities #3573 including a 200+ page ebook

- Researched, Developed and Delivered Social Media Communications & Computers for Legal Professionals

- Social Media Course for Legal Professionals approved by Colorado Supreme Court - Board of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education #728255 including a 200+ page ebook

- Researched and presented Social Selling Course.

- CrossTalk Authored by Tom Cross is Named One of the Top-10 Telecommunications Blogs.

- "Having known Tom for more than a decade, to me he is quite the “quintessential innovator.” Tom developed and delivered a week long data and internet training which turned out to be a terrific course for everyone! Throughout the past decade he created TECHtionary the “World’s First and Largest Animated Library on Technology. Few yet can appreciate that TECHtionary is more than just a source of sales and technical knowledge Tom has built. TECHtionary is proven to reduce the cycle by educating/training not only channel/business partners but provides critical insights to the decision-maker allowing them to more easily and rapidly understand the benefit to the organization. In summary, Tom delivers on time, on budget proven tools and solutions yielding immediate and long-term revenue-generating and cost-saving benefits." Sandy Spencer – former VP Qwest Communications


These are the evaluation scores from Tom’s Presentation to Microsoft Partners & Staff Called “Top-10 Tips for Success” Part 3 of 3 on Telecommunications Networks




Overall Satisfaction

Business Results

Learning Effectiveness

Job Impact












        The score is out of 9.0 and that’s the highest score I have ever seen ! Great job Tom – Mike Zeim – Microsoft US Partner Skills Development

        Wow!!!!!!  I didn’t think beating your survey score last time was possible - and look at those results!  Great job, Tom! Jessasym West - Microsoft US Partner Skills Development

        "I personally have sat through a number of Tom's sessions and found every one of them to be well organized, interactive and informative - Lync User Forum and are highly recommended resources to bring your organization up to speed on SIP and Microsoft Lync." - Alan Percy the Director of Market Development at AudioCodes.

        Tom Cross is exceptionally technically astute - the most technically proficient individual I know of in the industry. Yet he has the rare ability to deliver the message in a way sales and other laymen can understand. Tom has done a great job for TBI in the past and he is well respected within the industry. I would recommend Tom for any job or project.”   Geoffrey Shepstone – President - Telecom Brokerage, Inc – 847-353-1842 - Master agency for Qwest, XO, Global Crossing and 30 other companies

        “Tom Cross’ speech on “Why Businesses are Buying VoIP” is certainly one of the top presentations ever given at CTA.  The presentation was insightful, indepth and innovative.  In addition, the presentation was lively, energetic and engaging.  He has the great ability to take complex subjects and make them exciting and understandable. Mr. Cross is a very popular speaker among CTA's membership and superb communicator.”  Gary L. Witt – Former Executive Director - Colorado Telecommunications Association

        Cross Pens "Winning Customer Case Study" The CSIA Insurance Company Case Study authored by Tom Cross was the “Winner of our case study competition,” according to

        Evaluations from recent webseminar – additional evaluations available.

        “Thank you for making it fun.  That was the best on line training I have done in five years!”

        “I thought that the training was one of the best I have been a part of. The training was fun and educational at the same time. Very professional and educational. A+”

New Recommendations:

For the IBM strategy/research project – “Tom is an extraordinary market-strategy consultant. I have worked with Tom on projects for Fortune 100 and other companies. He has consistently delivered strategic insights as well as in-depth market, product and technology perceptions and actionable client results - on-time and on-budget. He is also visionary, understanding what the client needs now and in 5-10 years. I strongly recommend him for strategic planning, vision studies, learning/educational product positioning and other areas.”  Barry A. TTA

Alan Percy (Senior Director - AudioCodes) has written an updated recommendation of your work: "I have known Tom for more than six years where we organized a year-long series of indepth webinar presentations on internet and unified communications for channel partners and enterprise users. Tom has assisted AudioCodes in interviewing and writing a number of well-received customer cases outlining the benefits of Lync and unified communications. He also the publisher of an innovative, technical and customer engaging newsletter with nearly 300 weekly editions published to date and thousands of regular readers. He has great skills in channel sales and technology training as well as all areas of marcom-marketing communications including social media. I would highly recommend Tom in these areas and in developing and delivering thought leadership for your company." Service Category: Writer/Editor Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

From Daniel Pearson: "A true visionary and without reservation Tom is the most extraordinary speaker I have had the pleasure to work with. He not only brings the subject to a level to "lift all participants" he makes learning fun for the audience. He makes sure all the participants know the subject as he knows it is not important that he knows but that the participants all understand the content too. Part of his legacy is the creation of TECHtionary, the world’s largest animated free library on technology. He wanted so passionately to fulfill a global goal of helping anyone, anywhere, know how technology works. This online asset has an amazing level of more than 3,000 tutorials allowing anyone to learn whenever they want to and as one said, "just enough, just in time."  Having known Tom for more than a decade, he has also developed some of the most interesting and innovative marketing and product strategies. His management style is also inspiring helping staff, customers and others anytime 24x7. His ideal situation is designing and developing marketing strategies including all aspects of enhancing customer engagement. His true passion is utilizing technology to increase learning saturation. An example would be his latest tool for learning. "iFlipTipsPro" - an outstanding flip/flashcard iPhone/iPad/iTouch app that every student should have on their smartphone to assist them in achieving success in higher education."